Starting 1st January 2019 you can use our even easier order process in our online shop.

You can save all the hassle waiting at the airport by simply having the SIM card delivered to your hotel / stay.
The delivery will be sent from inside Korea.

Use our voucher code "travelkorea" to SAVE 30 % on your new SIM card purchase and also have FREE delivery.

In our online shop simply select the package you want, add it to your shopping cart and go straight to the checkout.
Or add even more SIM cards to your shopping cart, maybe grab another SIM card for your traveling partner as well?

Once you've selected all the SIM cards follow the simple steps in the checkout process.

You can enter a Korean address as a delivery address (for example your hotel) or your home address if you're not that much in a hurry.

Delivery for Korean addresses will be delivered from inside Korea, every other delivery location will be shipped from Germany.